Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Liquore Store

A post for the gentlemen out there... Check out the J. Crew Liquor Store aka the Tribeca Mens Shop. Meet storetender, Tremaine Romeo. Have yourself a drink while browsing. Walk out with a pair of trousers. What a shopping experience. If Esquire Magazine had a store or club, I feel like it would be more or less like this. Curious? Check it out for yourself here.


  1. one time al and i were at a store called forth and towne shopping for our mother's day gift. the ladies there served us mimosas and by the time al had her second one, she was so happy she started buying all sorts of expensive shiz. that is the day we realized alcohol =danger. also that liquor tender looks like eddie murphy. and i'm fully aware of how racist that sounds.

  2. If Danny let me dress him up, I would totally take him to this store. He's a picky doll though :P