Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Humble Hounds

Got this really great article via Heena's gchat link. The article delineates two models of leadership: boardroom lions and humble hounds. In short, a humble hound:

"The humble hound leader thinks less about her mental strengths than about her weaknesses. She knows her performance slips when she has to handle more than one problem at a time, so she turns off her phone and e-mail while making decisions. She knows she has a bias for caution, so she writes a memo advocating the more daring option before writing another advocating the most safe. She knows she is bad at prediction, so she follows Peter Drucker’s old advice: After each decision, she writes a memo about what she expects to happen. Nine months later, she’ll read it to discover how far off she was."

Read on to find out what stuff this character is made of.

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