Tuesday, January 26, 2010


My personal favorites from TheCooList's, "The World's Most Beautiful Chocolate Package Designs," post. This reminds me of a couple books I did while in school about chocolate and color and our associations with the two. I'll have to dig around for some photos of that project.

No9 Chocolate: a cardboard box with 9 foil circles on top. Break one of the foil seals open to enjoy a walnut shaped chocolate!

Kanella Gift Chocolate Calenders: a Greek product design firm that gifted each one of their clients with 12 bars of chocolate, one for each month. Each bar has a unique digital illustration.

Co Couture Chocolate: Designed by Sort Design. I have to quote TheCooList on this one, "Simple, Sexy, and Stunning."

Chocolate Pie Chart: Definitely one of the nerdiest on the list. Chocolate makers should produce their summary financials in their annual reports in this fashion.

Fat Pig Chocolate: For all you fatties out there.

Chocarome Chocolate: Lovely to see how the exterior mirrors the content. These chocolates are a gorgeous gradient of yummy goodness.

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