Thursday, December 3, 2009

Giving as a gift

It's the most wonderful time of year again. Most of us stop in a store and drop some cash. For the craftier ones, we are cutting, pasting, knitting, and bedazzling. We do our best to give something from the heart or at least something the other person will like... or just something. What about instead of giving something, we give as a gift? Read on to see what I mean!

Crossing Borders (as blogged about previously here and here) is a non-profit that seeks to restore the lives of North Korean refugees in Northeast China. This year they have an online gift shop where you can donate on your behalf or in someone's name to help restore a refugee. Donation selections range from a puzzle set to supporting the education of an orphan for a year. This is not unlike World Vision's online gift shop where you can donate anything from a goat to a soccer ball to a family in need.

Another group we forget about oftentimes are those incarcerated and unable to be with their families. For roughly $35, Angel Tree can send a child of one of the incarcerated a Christmas gift with a note from the parent.

For you Chicagoans who want to help out in your own backyard, check out Firebelly Foundation's Reason to Give where you can donate a gift card for a family in Humboldt Park. Evan's Life Foundation reaches out to children at risk. You can donate to Evan's Life or show up at our annual Gift Wrapping Party tomorrow with a present for a child of any age. All gifts (and it amounts to over 1,000) get distributed to Chicago area children.

As you can see there is no shortage of options for this season and year round. Of course, not everyone has money to expend so there are things like giving of your time and talent to those around you.

I feel like I should end with something along the lines of, "so help your fellow man and give!" But that is really cheesy and kind of not the point of this post. So I will leave with, give as the spirit moves you to give. And give because you have been given much!

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  1. hi liz! :)

    i think i stumbled upon your blog awhile back via ashley's and love all your entries.

    this one in particular is great because all those you mentioned are such awesome gift ideas! thanks for sharing :D