Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I recently decided to love where I am now. If you know me, you know that I absolutely adore NY but really, I feel like it's not cool to not love what's in front of you, especially if it's as great as the Windy City (even if the wind is terrible sometimes). Nothing is more unattractive than discontentment and nothing is more attractive than extreme contentment. So I choose to be extremely attractive and love Chicago for all that it is, has been and will be. I will always love and speak well of NY, but Chicago has definitely found a place in my heart. Gorgeous architecture, streets that are so fresh and so clean clean, delicious food joints, sports teams that break our hearts again and again... Also love Chicagoans. The vibe of the people here is very comfortable...we are a people very much at home.

Recently, the Big Apple's NYTimes highlighted one aspect of our awesomeness. Second City was honored for 50 years of greatness in comedy. Read the article complete with an interactive time line and old school pics of Tina Fey, this is a nice commemorative piece. Three cheers for my hometown!

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  1. right on sister. i decided to give myself an geographic attitude adjustment too. so fresh and so clean clean!!