Monday, July 13, 2009


Found out about this non-profit via an article on the NYTimes entitled, Clean, Sexy Water. charity:water is a group devoted to providing clean water for the less fortunate of the world by building wells. The impact this group has made in a short three years is staggering, having raised $10 million from 50,000 donors, providing clean water to a million people in Africa and Asia. They have also been using technology to make donors' impact feel real and not a million miles away. For example, there is a feature on their site that allows you to locate the wells around the glob using Google Earth.

The coolest part about this story (in my opinion), is the founder's story. Scott Harrison is his name and club promoting used to be his game. After living the fast and furious lifestyle, he felt spiritually bankrupt and ended up joining forces with Mercy Ships where he did a 360. He now uses his natural gift of promoting to solicit donations and grow this non-profit. Now that is something powerful.

I am both inspired and challenged by charity:water since it is truly faith in action. Thank you for the good work that is being done and for the example that has been set.

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