Friday, April 10, 2009

nerd nite

So, I'll be honest and say that I had no idea what nerd nite was when I initially was friended by them via Facebook. I was hesitant to confirm the request but saw that a bunch of my NY friends had already joined, so I jumped on, still not knowing what it was. I finally figured it out.

nerd nite is "like Discovery Channel with beer." It is a series of social events where young, intellectual 20 and 30 somethings gather together for a drink and a night of learning about anything from exotic African birds to the depths of space. The NY nerd nite events have even included speed dating!

Not sure if this relates but I recall reading a NYTimes article about this professor giving lectures on Friday nights at the local bar and would encourage his students to invite friends out to the event. I wonder if what started with that professor has now exploded into a nationwide phenomenon. Power to the nerds! Watch clips of the California Tour here and here.


  1. if there is nerdnite in Chicago, we should attend!

  2. i dont think im nerdy enough to go to this, im more of a dork. let me know when there's a dork nite and ill be there with my fake glasses.