Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy 100!

Episodes of LOST and days of the Obama Presidency! I'm sitting here catching up on my LOST episodes while clicking through the official Flickr photostream of the White House. Most of the photo credits go to Pete Souza. View the rest here.

04.24: The President getting debriefed on the Swine Flu.

04.24: Mr. President on the phone in the Oval Office. Also present, Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel and Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs, Phil Schiliro.

04.13: President Obama, cheering on a little girl as she rolls her egg to the finish line.

04.15: Mr. President presenting a birthday cake to Senior Advisor, Pete Rouse.

04.07: Pound it Mr. President. @ Camp Victory, Iraq with U.S. Soldiers.

02.22: Mr. President & the First Lady dancing to Earth, Wind, Fire at the Governor's Ball.

03.04: This one was for me. Couldn't resist. Dessert plates prepped by Assistant Pastry Chef Susie Morrison.


  1. i'm not going to lie. the president is a sexy man.

  2. yes he is ashley. i love the last picture.