Thursday, March 26, 2009

Obama Sightings

Just read this article in the NYTimes about how the Obamas are so not your typical first family in the sense that they are out and about. You just never know when you'll have an Obama sighting, whether it's at a basketball game, local chili joint, or serving your food at the soup kitchen. I love how they're just so casual and normal. Here is the rest of the article.

The First Lady @ the local soup kitchen. I love her expression!
Photo courtesy of Win McNames, Getty Images.

At the Washington Wizards v. Chicago Bulls game.
Photo courtesy of Molly Riley, Reuters.


  1. her expression is just like..."Heyyyy! Lemme feed you with an ice-cream scoopa"

  2. obama's a pinky lifter. he's concentrating on keeping it down.

  3. i love these! the first pic is like heyyyy u michelle obama! and the second one is so gq