Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Missed Connections

Just found out about the Missed Connections section on Craig's List. It's where people go to post or to find a post about a person they felt a spark with on the subway, sidewalk, playground, basketball game and/or grocery store. Some leave you sighing like a romantic sap and the rest just crack you up. Below are a few from NYC, men for women:

walking down 95th street - m4w - 28 (Upper East Side)

we were walking down 95th between park and lexington this breezy evening. it was so quiet you heard the branch i stepped on and turned back to look. i noticed you were carefully looking at the interiors of the wonderful brownstones. i was just about to talk to you about it but you got a call on your mobile. well, let's go for a walk some evening.

You got on at 14th St w/ big, red headphones. - m4w (F train)
You had on a really cute, somewhat burgundy dress, those big, red headphones, and some tattoos on the back of your arms. We both got on the same car at 14th St., around 6:30. You got off at Carroll. I was wearing a tie and fedora, and couldn't stop glancing at you while trying to read my book. Rarely does one send butterflies racing through my tummy the way you just did. If I had tried to talk to you, they all probably would have come out in the guise of some incoherent jumble of words. So, thought I'd try here, and maybe you'll see this, and possibly want to get together for some coffee or drinks?

You Sit Across From Me - m4w - 23 (Flatiron)
You're a brunette with blue eyes. Sometimes when the delivery lady comes to the office you speak in charming! (Makes me smile! ) You always order some type of seafood for lunch: are you from the sea? A mermaid perhaps? I could be your sailor? Your ring tone sweeps me away and makes me want to waltz with you, just pick you up, and forget about the world we live in. Let's embark on a journey that we'll both never forget. An Eric for my Ariel.


  1. they also have these:

    i always looked for myself in these. but nobody was ever looking for me.