Monday, March 30, 2009

Gee Dee Nerd Love

I played the violin and piano for years before deciding to put them both on the back burner and concentrate on the visual arts. I love being a designer and having the ability to create some really cool stuff. However, there are times when I miss the performance aspect. There is a unique and magical synergy that occurs between you and your instrument or you and your fellow players. There is nothing quite like it.

Or so I thought. It seems like this performance aspect has found itself a place in the visual arts, especially with shows like Project Runway and coming soon, America's Top Graphic Designer. Anyways, there is also this thing called Cut & Paste and it's a live GD competition at clubs. It totally glamorizes a potentially tedious and hard process. It is refreshing to see raw, unharnessed creativity splayed out there for the world to see, no matter how imperfect or incomplete. And its even more amazing to see how many people are in awe of and intrigued by the process.

Watch the clip from previous events here. Thanks to Roses.

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