Saturday, January 3, 2009


Family dinner to celebrate my brother's (David, of David's Corner) acceptance into the business school at Syracuse. We went to this restaurant called RoPa, recommended by one of my dad's customers. It is located in Rogers Park and that is where I'm assuming the name comes from. It also doubles as a wine bar.

The ambiance in general is very nice. Beautiful moldings, high ceilings, nice French doors. Beautiful drawings in the bathroom.

The food was GREAT. The rib eye steak was so smokey and melted in your mouth. Chicken is not usually my favorite thing on a menu, but this one was very juicy and the capers on it were awesome. Props to the sauce on the jumbo shrimp and scallops dish. My dish was the cajun tilapia, which was also topped with a delicious sauce and some well-seasoned spinach and sweet potato crisps! We also ordered dessert, crème brûlée, and Intelligentsia coffees. All in all, a very good meal.

My criticisms are few, but I'll start with the service. They were very nice, but the service was slow for a slow night (not sure why it was slow... probably because of it's residential location?). We also had a problem with the valet parking. Our side mirror was basically skinned off and the glass broken. Probably side swiped from street parking, but no other scratches on the body. Anyways, turns out there's a separate valet parking company who will take care of the incident. I recommend you get valet parking anyways, so if anything happens, at least the valet company can pay for it and it won't come out of your own insurance. The only sour note but it wasn't enough to dampen our mood.

I'm no food or restaurant critic, but as a representative of the general public, I give this place a 4 out of 5. I would definitely go back. Below are some pics, but I didn't get any of the food. I must've gotten too excited to eat. Next time!

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