Monday, January 12, 2009


Happy 2009. Apologies for being very behind in posting. Went from vacation to work full force and that was a bigger adjustment than I thought it would be. Anyways, thought I'd share this interesting piece from the NYTimes about McDonald's. The article outlines the fast food joint's journey, going through the company's various re-strategizing moves both from an economic and marketing perspective, which has kept the company afloat over the years.

It is funny because I am always in awe of how McDonald's never seems to loose it's hold on all of us, whether we are 3 or 43 years old, we all kind of love it. I remember the Happy Meal toys (some of which I still have), the smell of hash browns on Sunday mornings, my little brother getting stuck in a McD's high chair (we have no clue how it happened), my first Big Mac, milkshakes at the airport on the way back to school, and late night meals.

I also remember the mad cow craze during which I felt forced to abandon McD's for several years. During that time, I became vehemently opposed to the evil empire of McDonald's and converted instead to Burger King, whose fries I felt were superior. After reading this book on mad cow disease, I couldn't eat fast food for a while. While in Rome, I spotted the golden arches across from the Pantheon and turned away in disgust and embarassment. How dare they?

Somehow, despite the turmoil, I have been brought back around. How can I hate something that's always been there for me? I still have it for dinner when I'm in a hurry or don't have time. On occassion, I'll even have a Happy Meal, just for old times' sake. Something about a little McDonald's every once in a while does the trick. Despite the lingering controversy and negativity, their success story is one worth reading about in my opinion.

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