Wednesday, January 14, 2009


A little late posting this, but went to the famous Carnivale with Jane on Monday night. They call the cuisine genre Nuevo Latino and it is a kaleidoscope of flavors from places like Cuba, Mexico, Brazil, El Salvador, and Argentina.

We got the tuna tartar to start. Jane got a beef dish and I got barramundi which is a white fish from Australia. I also ordered a very lime-y caipirihnia. Then we shared a beautiful flan. Everything was great including the service. We called our waiter a story teller because he was so good at describing the flavor, texture, and appearance of the dishes. You could tell he thoroughly enjoyed his job.

By the way, the interior was really great. High ceilings (which was a surprise after you initially enter), colored lights that kept changing, and cool lamps. Very festive! Below are pics from their site. Thanks to my sister Lisa for the recommendation.

My dish looked like this one, but it's not


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  1. wheres my credit for the rec? im sad you went here without me