Monday, December 1, 2008

Lady Gaga + Some Funky Stuff

New pop semi-obsession: Lady Gaga. She's been groomed by Akon and has gone from no one to a huge hit in the past month or so. At least that I've heard of from "B96 Chicago's #1 Hit Music Radio Station." (Wish that won me tickets to the Jingle Bash).

I digress. Her song, "Just Dance," is all over the radios now. She is only 21 years old. Something about her spirited defiance and raw boldness makes me love and envy her. She's been ticketed by a cop in her East Village, NY neighborhood before for "indecent exposure," aka super short booty shorts. Below are some shots from her website.

I kinda like that last shot the best though. More hipster, softer edged. Anywho, the skirt below is an example of the kind of crazy stuff I would love to be able to pull off. Part of me says, "When would you ever wear it?" and the other part of me goes, "There will never be a fitting occassion. That's why you just have to wear it everywhere all the time, it's that ridiculous." Skirt from Forever XXI. Where else?

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  1. i love that song, lizzie. it ALWAYS just make me wanna dance. power to B96. oh how i missed it.