Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Crossing Borders

Photo courtesy of Hans Shin.

A broken bridge at the point where China, Russia and North Korea meet. Many a refugee have tried to flee once the Tuman River freezes over and if you're close enough, you can make out their footprints. As we are all aware by now, millions of North Koreans have died of starvation and the food shortage remains severe. This is one of the reasons why refugees head for China in droves. In addition to the problem of starvation, there are also other human rights issues, such as sex trafficking. Women are oftentimes lured into mainland China under the illusion that there is a job waiting on the other side, only to be captured and sold as "wives," aka sex slaves.

A couple friends of mine recently made a trip out to NK/China for Crossing Borders, a non-profit organization that works to restore the lives of North Korean refugees by providing them with a means of making a living and introducing them to Jesus. They have special ministries set up for orphans and women involved in human trafficking. Though their lives are essentially shattered, through the work of this organization, countless have found wholeness and even a certain measure of joy. Pretty amazing and inspiring work they have done up until now. Despite the tough economic times, let's remember to be thankful and to give back whenever we can.

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