Friday, November 28, 2008

Notable Books

So, I came across this article in the NY Times called 100 Notable Books of 2008. In scanning it over some titles and authors rang a bell, but I haven't read a single one on the list. As I was added to my list of books to read, I started to thinking about Liz's Notable Books of 2008. To be honest though, I feel like I never have time to read anymore and I blame it on the fact that I don't take public transportation anymore. I used to read a bunch on those New York subways. Something like 10 books in one summer! Anyways, here are a few that I have read this past year that I feel are worth reading.

The History of Love by Nicole Krauss: I love books by Nicole Krauss and her husband, Jonathan Safran Foer. They can be thought of as NY's hottest young authors duo. Beautiful and skillful rendering of three distinct stories colliding into one. Thanks to Nobu for lending me this.

Mind Your X's and Y's by Lisa Johnson: A really fascinating book on the psyche of generations X and Y, particularly from a marketing standpoint. Drawing examples from everything from Facebook to the Toyota Scion marketing strategy to Relevant, a Christian magazine, Johnson unpacks the needs and wants of this new generation of consumers. Props to Moody Radio here in Chicago for interviewing this woman.

Sex and the Soul of a Woman by Paula Rinehart: A candid look at the repercussions of casual sex in the individual lives of women and society as a whole. Written from a Christian perspective, Rinehart offers current, practical, and Biblical insight on how to navigate in the world we live in today. Kudos to my lady Jin on picking this one out.

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert: One woman's search for herself and God over the course of a year spent in Italy, India, and Indonesia. It is poignant, real, and earnest. Though she is not Christian, her determination challenges me as a Christian to look at myself and ask, "Am I seeking God as earnestly as she is and if I was, how would it change my life?" Much love to Jane for your insights on this one.

Lots more I want to get into: Obama books, vampire books (yes, I saw Twilight), books on business and marketing (I surprise myself sometimes), and Classic literature. Got any recommendations? Send them my way!

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  1. my my, you've been very busy bloggin! couldn't get into history of love. but i do want to try the x's and y's....sigh. so many books to read and so little time....