Thursday, November 27, 2008

Food Lovin'

Happy Thanksgiving! In light of the holiday that celebrates giving thanks and eating, here are some images from Chicago's Alinea. Owned by Chef Grant Achatz, it is one of the best restaurants in the world, famous for it's moleculargastronomic angle on food.

Chef Achatz is described as "an alchemist in his lab, reinterpreting caramel corn as a liquid served in a shot glass, manipulating shrimp cocktail with a wine press to present it via plastic atomizer, encasing a peeled grape in peanut brittle and brioche in a strange (but delicious) take on the PB&J. His meals often consist of 25 courses, take hours to complete, and employ custom-built service pieces--an evening of sensory overload that dazzles Alinea's 75 diners each night. But despite all the pyrotechnics, flavor remains the ultimate goal." (Josh Schollmeyer, The Real Iron Chef, Maxim) Whew! Pretty crazy stuff.

Liz has yet to visit this Chicago landmark, but hopes to do so while she is still a resident here. With the tasting menu at $145 per person, she's not sure how soon that will be though.

Alinea: Interior

Alinea: Sweet potato

Alinea: Crab

Alinea: Guava

Hungry for more? Check out the Alinea website or plan a visit:
1723 North Halstead | Chicago, IL 60614 | 312 867 0110

Gobble gobble.

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