Wednesday, November 26, 2008


There have been many firsts in Liz's life: first bike ride, first best friend, first violin lesson, first time coming home at midnight to angry parents waiting up for her, first solo plane ride, first time living away from home, first job. Now that Liz has written "first" so many times, it doesn't look like a real word anymore.

And now, a new first for Liz: this blog. Liz has contributed to and read other blogs, but has never kept her own. Liz is very excited! Liz figured she should start one since she is always posting links and collecting miscellanea that she likes or finds interesting.

So for post numero uno, here are some super sexy and beautiful shots of lounging ladies by photographer Rasmus Mogensen. Check out the rest of the portfolio here.


  1. I'LL BE UR NUMBER 1 BLOG FAN! but why do you type in 3rd person? just curious :)

  2. it's just something liz is trying out, since the blog title is in the 3rd person as opposed to first. she thought it'd be funny and weird.

  3. I love the pictures..& the content is great 2 liz :)

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